We’re pulling the future forward

We back early-stage founders transforming the world’s largest asset class: real estate.

“The most damaging phrase in the English language is: it’s always been done that way”

Grace Hopper

We are builders, who believe in dreamers

Our team has been investing in real estate innovation for 20+ years and understands the diverse capital and growth needs of entrepreneurs. The 1Sharpe platform is designed to connect founders to more than money: a portfolio of properties, debt financing, deep industry relationships, product development partners, and talent networks. We have a track record for building proptech businesses like Roofstock or Lessen, and are excited to roll our sleeves up with entrepreneurs reimagining the built world.

We love the early innings

We know what it feels like to have a pitchdeck and a dream and have experienced the unique “zero-to-one” challenges faced in proptech. We exist to connect dots between institutional and entrepreneurial worlds to help founders find product-market-fit and have been early advisors to businesses like Ribbon and LendingHome.

Get in Touch

We love talking to founders and partners who share our vision for a better built world. We will do our best to respond if we see a potential fit to work together.