Our Elevator Pitch

When technology meets the scale and significance of the built world it can shape generations. We’re backing this generation’s elevators.

The 1850s invention of the elevator catalyzed a century of urban growth, and defined the modern city, where >80% of the world’s GDP is generated. The “elevators” of our generation will come in the form of digital platforms, automation, deep analytics and intelligence. They will change how we experience, own, and access the built world through innovations in real estate, finance, insurance, and construction.

What we Believe…

We believe in an unbelievable built world
  • More accessible, affordable, and sustainable
  • Flexible and dynamic space, satisfying modern workforces and communities
We believe in entrepreneurs
  • Questioning the status quo to dream-up a more human-centered industry
  • Tackling the hardest problems with the highest impact
We believe it takes a village
  • Legacy players and new entrants collaborating to advance the system
  • Diverse teams and insight

Where we Invest

We back early-stage teams building scalable, category-defining businesses that transform how we experience, own, and invest in real estate.

Modern Consumer

Real estate accounts for the greatest share of consumer spend.

We invest in founders eliminating friction in how we transact and experience the built world.

Intelligent Owner

Real estate is the largest asset class, yet is opaque and inefficient.

We back founders bringing intelligence, automation, and democratization to real estate investing, ownership, and management.

Get in Touch

We love talking to founders and partners who share our vision for a better built world. We will do our best to respond if we see a potential fit to work together.